Bible Text: 2 Kings 2: 13-15

Worship the King of kings.

Give Him glory and honour.

Adore HimThere’s no-one like the Alpha and Omega.

Lift your voice to him and say:“Father, tonight give us Your very best.”

We give all the glory to Jesus, and tell if His love, His wonderful love;

We give all the glory to Jesus and tell of His wonderful love.

Father, we give You all the glory, honour and adoration.

Thank You for all You’ve donesince Monday! Thank You for what You are set to do.

Let Your anointing flow like a river. Let it destroy any yoke left in our lives, family, Your church and our Nations.

Let Your name be glorified. Greet your neighbor and say:“Your excellency, cheer up, God has heard you yesterday.”

The total number of children born is 49: 27 boys and 22 girls.

Affirmation:Believe me honestly, God has heard you yesterday and your request is granted.

Decree:By the time you get home, your mates will bow to you.

Every Jordan standing between you and your glory will be parted tonight.

Elisha was anointed as he requested, but the place of his manifestation was over Jordan.

When the old oil isn’t effective anymore, you need the fresh oil.

1 Samuel 2:2-13, 1 Samuel 3.Prophet Eli used to be a fresh oil before God brought in Samuel.

Anytime you feel that doing the will of God is becoming tedious, you need the fresh oil.

If you used to speak and it was so, but now, it’s such an horrendous task; you need fresh oil. If witnessing used to be like honey, but now it’s so difficult, you need fresh oil.

If your prayer life has reduced from what it used to be, bro, sis, you need fresh oil. If as a Minister of God, you used to hear from God, you need fresh oil.

Fresh oil is needed when the old oil has been lost.Judges 16:18-21Prayer:I pray for you, God will never depart from you.

When the old oil has been lost or stolen as in the case of Samson, or probably withdrawn in the case of Saul in 1 Samuel :11-14, you need the fresh oil.

When God has promised you glory and He wants to bring it to pass, there may be need to anoint you with oil.

2 Samuel 2:4Fulfilling that destiny may be difficult without the fresh oil. Remember David. Your glory will come looking for you.

Fresh Oil confirms that the glory ahead has become the glory Now.
Fresh oil can be very aggressive.
Get ready for what is about to happen.
Fresh oil can sweep clean like a broom.Judges 14:5-6

Things are different now, you’ll be the one to call your enemies into fight.

The very first-day Elisha got the oil, he did certain things.
1) He crossed Jordan, this brought about a rapid promotion and him doing what his predecessor did. I prophesy, anything that God has used me to do, you’ll do greater!

2) 2Kings 2:19-22
He solved the problem of the city of Jericho that same day. When God asked you to talk to Him yesterday, many of you never mentioned your town or country, you’ll remember tonight.As soon as you get home, go to the center of your town and cancel the curse on your city.

3). 2 Kings 2:23-24That same day, Elisha silenced his mockers permanently. Throughout his life, no one ever mocked him. What is it that is mocking you?The moment you get your oil tonight, deal with it immediately; don’t leave it till tomorrow.

Deal with it today. I rejoice with you all witnessing this last Congress service:You’ll cross your Jordan, destroy the curse raised against you and your family, and you’ll silence your mockers permanently. For you, your glory ahead will materialise now.
You don’t pour Oil on a dirty body.

If you’re yet to surrender your life to Jesus, do so now!

If you’re not yet God’s, cry to Him to save your soul.
Tell Him to forgive you and have mercy on you.

Saviour, thank You for Your Word and these people who have surrendered to You.

*Let Your blood wash their sins.

*Let them do Your will forever.

*Please answer them before when they call You, in Jesus’ name.


Psalms 23:5

Our God is the one who’s more than sufficient and perfect.

Before she created man, He had prepared the garden.

Before anointing you, He will want you to feed you.

When you eat the bread, don’t ask anything, just raise praises to God.

When you receive the wine, kindly hold on for the next instructions.

Keep on praising God while you are being served the bread and wine.

There is power mighty in the blood,
There is power mighty in the blood,
There is power nighttime the blood of Jesus Christ,
There is power mighty in the blood.

As soon as you drink the wine, if you’ve been baptized in the Holy Ghost, pray that“Father, set me up on fire for You again, let me have a brand new beginning of Your power, grace and unction.”

If you’re yet to be baptised in the Holy Ghost, expect it tonight.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Please drink the wine.
Thank You Father.

May your request be granted you in Jesus’ name.


1. Decree that every river Jordan standing between you and your destiny be parted now in Jesus’ name.

2. Father by the unction of this anointing, put me on my throne.

3.Father, any curse that may remain in my life, family and town, let it be destroyed now in the name of Jesus.

4. Anything or any people, mocking me, this very moment, silence them.

5 Father, you called the light of the world, let me begin to shine.

6 Father, You said I am the Salt of the Earth, anywhere I arrive, let miracles arrive in the name of Jesus.

Your glory is not just ahead, but now.

Say “Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I say “welcome” to my glory.”

In the name of the One that has called me, in the name of Jesus Christ, I declare everything you have asked for already done in the
name of Jesus.

Before I pronounce my final blessings, if there’s one more thing you want to ask God, please ask for 2 minutes.

If you believe that, let me hear you shout “Hallelujah.”
Final Blessings For Tonight.

In Jesus mighty name we pray.

Daddy, the only reason we are asking for anything extra is simply because You are more than enough; Jehovah Elshaddai.

You’ve done a lot.

But Father, when you fed the 5,000 there were extra.

Father for all your children here, please release 12 baskets of extra blessings to them all.

Daddy says:

“Because you asked for it, I will move all these people from miracles to wonders.”

As they will be going, please protect them from evil and go with them.

Let Your people serve you like never before.

Let them enter the new year with joy in Jesus’ name.

I pray for all the persons you’ve used for the success of this programme, in order that they may know that it pays to serve you, let their blessings be extra.

Let Your anointing flow in their lives.

Thank You Father, glory to Your holy name.

In Jesus’ name have we prayed.

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