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King is Coming is a parish and a Zonal Headquarter of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), one of the largest and fastest growing Pentecostal churches in the world.


Worship Services on Sundays
1st Service 7:30am – 9:00am
Sunday School 9:00am – 10:00am
2nd Service 10:00am – 11:30am
Monthly Thanksgiving Services (every 1st Sundays)
Mid-week Services
Digging Deep
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Faith Clinic
6:00pm – 7:00pm



It was a bright-sunny day on October 10, 2002 that worshippers thronged to the Recharged Center Parish of R.C.C.G for the usual Sunday Service. Prior to this day, Recharge Center, then under Ogun Province ‘3’ had just been constructed and being the only Parish on camp ground, worshippers got to church early for Sunday School to secure comfortable seats. The Workers/Ministers had finished their meeting and certain decisions passed to them unknown to the generality of the church. However, during and announcement period, members and ministers who reside in Estate ‘3’ were asked to see Pastor Elufowoju, who was then the Zonal Pastor-in-charge.

The expectations were high as the Zonal Pastor read out names of Ministers who, from that day shall move out of Recharge Center to pioneer a new parish at Estate ‘3’. The names include A/P and Deaconess Gideon, Deacon Aremu, Mrs mordi, Mrs Lawal, Deacon Ayodele-Davies (formerly called Kupoluyi), Deacon Sulola and a host of others.

Thus, The King Is Coming Model Parish was born with its named coined from the theme of the year 2002 convention titled “The King Is Coming” with A/P Gideon Parish Pastor. The temporary site to be used was Bro. and Sister Sanmi-Lawal’s residence with a canopy erected in front of their house while the Children’s Church was their Sitting-Room. It was not long that the canopy had to be shifted to the main road due to influx of members. It however became apparent that a permanent site was needed, which the Church Authority responded promptly to the granting the request. The immediate challenge at the permanent site was how to erect a structure round the big canopy that could withstand the wind storm which occurred on daily basis. Thus, the need for a Building Committee became apparent at the crucial meeting held on 16th February 2003 which eventually gave birth to the 1st Building Committee headed by deacon Ayodele-Davies with all the Ministers as members. As a fallout of crisis of confidence among the Ministers which affected the building project, another Committee was constituted in November 2003 with Bro.Sanmi-Lawal as the Chairman while the church had a new Pastor, A/P Francis Chinedu.

While the Auditorium Construction progressed, Pastor Elufowoju was promoted and to fill the gap, other Zonal Pastors in the persons of Pastor Ducan, (2nd Zonal Pastor) and Pastor Akinlabi (3rd Zonal Pastor) were successfully appointed in september 2003 and September 2004 respectively. Pastor I.A. Idise who had been the Area Pastor under Pastor Elufowoju, overseeing the Area (Recharge) the Parish belong since September 2002, continued under Pastor Duncan until September 2003 when Pastor Akinlabi took over. By September 2004, Pastor Akinlabi became the substantive Zonal Pastor of Recharge Zone until his appointment as Assistant Provincial Pastor in September 2006.


The King is Coming Model Parish has no doubt grown both Physically and Spiritually. The Church became an Area Headquarters in September 2004 with Pastor Oluseyi Alakija as the pioneer Area Pastor, while having two other Parishes under it (i.e. RCCG, Open Heaven, Redemption Camp and RCCG, Open Door, Olorombo-Mowe). By December 2006, while still under Ogun Province ‘3’, the number of Parishes under the Church has increased to 3 with the planting of RCCG, Higher Ground Parish, Mowe in April 2006 Let’s-Go-A-Fishing.

With the Church Building near completion, by 2006 August Convention, Ogun Province ‘4’ was carved out of Ogun Province ‘3’ with The King Is Coming Parish (KIC) as one of its constituents. At this time. The number of Parishes increased to ‘5’ with the establishment of Incomparable Favour, Abeokuta in December 2006 and Redeemers House, Redemption Camp in April 2007.

On 13th October 2007, one of the Parishes under KIC i.e. RCCG, Open Heaven Parish was elevated to a Zonal Headquarters and the Area to which the belong was legislated to constitute one of the Areas under the new zone (Open Heaven Zone now christened Zone 1). At the same time, the late Pastor Charles Obi who was a substantive Zonal Pastor of Greatness Zone, Ile-Epo was re-assigned to coordinate the affairs of the zone. After the demise of Pastor Charles Obi, who was the 4th Zonal Pastor known to KIC, Pastors Lucky Okoidegun and Lawrence Olunifesi were successively appointed on the 8th March 2007 and 8th June 2008 respectively. With the removal of Open Heaven Parish, the number of Parishes under KIC as an Area Headquarters came to four (4)

After the new Area Pastor, Segun Ikugbonmire took over from the pioneer Area Pastor on September 2, 2007 (who disengaged from the Province to RUN), the Area under the leadership of the Church planted two(2) other Parishes, bringing the total number of Parishes in the Area to seven (7)

With an Initial 18 members under the canopy in the year 2002, regular worshippers now stand at over 300.

The Practical completion of the Church is Now evident today the 4th of May 2008.

To God be the Glory.

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